Gypsy Moths

Dear neighbours,

Covid should not let us forget that another pest is lurking in our gardens and trees.

Last year the Gypsy Moths not only prevented us from enjoying spring/ summer on our outdoor patios, but also damaged or destroyed our shrubs and trees.

In spite of deputations asking Tiny Township Council to take township wide action, Council decided to shift the responsibility for handling this pest to individual property owners.

An option for us would be follow FoTTSA’ suggestion of aerial spraying of BTK.

Please note that the registration for 2021 Gypsy Moths spraying deadline is March 1st 2021.

Please consider aerial spraying of BTK.  It i s safe and will not damage other animals, insects, vegetation or ourselves. 

We urge you to talk to your neighbours.

On this site you will find pertinent information regarding:

BTK spraying

The company service proposal

The process should you be interested how to get register

Neighbour authorization

Best regards.

The Bluewater Dunes Ratepayers Association.