Save our Water – Stop the Pit Petition

Hello Everyone,

Your help is required to save our pristine drinking water which is at still at risk due to aggregate extractions by the pits.   There are a few ways that you can help out to stop this initiative.

  • Continue to support FoTTSA by donating or purchasing a sign for your property   FoTTSA is playing an integral part of staying on top of key issues within Tiny.   The money raised is being used to pay for studies to prove through scientific research that we are drinking the “purest water in the WORLD “
  • Sign a petition that is posted within the Canadian Government, House of Commons website. (see below)    A group called, “Friends of the Waverly Uplands”,  is behind the initiative which are dire directly impacted since they are located nearby the aggregate pits.  This now has the attention of the nation.  Join the cross Canada campaign to save this water for future generations.  See below for more information on where to go to sign up.

Thank you in advance for having your say. Your support is greatly appreciated!

The BDRA Committee